Some Thoughts on Classroom Display

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Some thoughts about Classroom DisplayClassroom display is something that many teachers take for granted, children do a significant piece of work and it goes on the wall with double backing on a beautiful background with a lovely border… That was the traditional way, but gradually, things are changing.

A UK Edchat on Twitter discussed classroom display and some interesting ideas were shared. I particularly liked the following quotation:

“There was some debate about who the displays are for, the general consensus being that displays in the classroom should be used as a tool to further the learning of children. Working walls, topic displays and walls showcasing work of a high standard fill our classrooms, though the corridors tend to reflect the ethos of the school and outstanding work.”(UK Edchat on Twitter)

One teacher has very different ideas, and gives us something to think about:

The 5 rules of displays by @teachtohisown

The five rules that this teacher promotes are:

  1. Nothing is useful unless used.
  2. The classroom is the front line of the battle to improve literacy.
  3. Students’ work was rarely a good use of classroom wall space.
  4. Consistency is not the same as uniformity
  5. The better I make it now, the less I’ll have to change it

To understand his rules please read his blog post.

Nick Hart is another teacher with ideas on what displays can achieve and you can read his blog post here. Below is a thought provoking quote from Nick’s blog:

“Displays can take up vast areas of wall space and many hours of adults’ time, therefore teachers and leaders must be sure of the impact that they are having on learning so that what is on display is justified and not simply a waste of time and space.  Put simply, before a display goes up, we must ask: What will this display do to improve outcomes for children?”(Nick Hart)


Some thoughts about Classroom Display