The Tate Art Gallery for Teachers

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The Tate Art Gallery for TeachersThe Tate Gallery offers a collection of resources for schools for helping to study art.

The Tate Online Resources cover, along with other things:

  1. Henry Moore’s Sculpture, a resource – for KS2 and above – where students look at Henry Moore’s life, work and sources of inspiration.
  2. A Glossary of Art terms, which explains and gives examples of all of the different art styles and attempts to explain art terminology.
  3. Tate Kids: Homework help. This is a place specifically for children

For teachers, Tate Kids in the Classroom, in this section it says:

“Tate Kids will bring art to life for your KS1 (4-7 year olds), KS2 (7-11 year olds) and early KS3 (11-12 year olds) pupils with its exciting and interactive activities which are fully compatible with interactive whiteboards and individual computers. There are also crafty activities to do offline in Tate Create.

Tate Kids supports aspects of the art curricula in the UK, but also has relevance to English, Design and Technology and ICT.”(Tate Gallery)

There are free lesson plans for using the Tate Gallery online sections: Take Create and Tate Paint.

Lesson Plan PDF’s:

The Tate Art Gallery for Teachers

There is also a set of free online courses for teachers covering various topics including Getting Started and The Big Question ( Why is Art Important?) Meet 500 years of British Art, The Art of Inspiration, among others!

There are sections of teacher notes, information about booking school visits, school projects and study days which can be accessed in this teacher section of the Tate Gallery website.