Christmas Cloze Exercises

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Nativity Story Cloze ExercisesChristmas Cloze Exercises. Here are a few cloze ( fill the gap) exercises for the children to do on the run up to Christmas.

Nativity Cloze

The first two are nativity story cloze exercises  sheets.

The first is straight from the bible with some old English and it is quite a challenge with every sixth word missing.   The second version, done in modern English with every eighth word missing,  is a little easier. All the missing words are listed on the sheet so the children know which words they have to put into the gaps!

Completing these exercises will give pupils many opportunities to get familiar with the story in time for Christmas. These two exercises are suitable for older children, I can’t imagine anyone under the age of 9 and who is not a good reader managing them.

NB  The answers are on page three, it is best not to photocopy that one, but the two pages for children can be done back to back;  all are black and white for photocopying.

To download, click on the following links:


Christmas Song Cloze

These two well-known Christmas Songs – When Santa got Stuck up the Chimney and Frosty the Snowman – have the advantage of being known and having rhymes to help lower KS2 children solve the puzzles. The word lists are on the sheets:


KS1 Christmas Cloze

Away in a Manger, with every eighth word missing and When Santa Got Stuck up the Chimney with random words missing are two are much easier exercises. The words are quite likely to be known by KS1 children already so they should be able to manage them.  Again the word lists are on the pages. These could be copied back to back if required.