The BP Educational Service for Science, DT and Geography

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The BP Educational Service for Science, DT and GeographyThe BP Educational Service develops resources to help teachers and students throughout the UK. They produce and distribute curriculum-linked teaching resources about BP and the petroleum industry for KS1 – 3 students.

BP is one of the world’s largest energy companies. Therefore they feel that they have a responsibility to ensure that their educational resources reflect their focus on energy, environment, leadership and business skills. Working with practising teachers and other educational experts, they have produced a range of educational materials about BP and the energy business, and they share them with all schools in the UK and the rest of the world.

Their focus is on the key curriculum areas of:

Citizenship and PSHE/PSE/PSD
Business Studies
Design and Technology

BPES also provides a dedicated, fast and friendly response service for students, teachers and parents, as well as BP employees and, in fact, anyone, anywhere with an enquiry about BP. They monitor the service and resources and would appreciate any feedback on how BPES could be more effective in helping you.