Anansi Stories and Lesson Plans

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The Anansi StoriesThe Anansi Stories are very popular folk-tales. Anansi is an African spider-like folk-tale character. He is considered to be the spirit of all knowledge within his stories and is a very important character in the folk tales of West Africa and the Caribbean Islands. Anansi is a trickster, he tricks people to benefit himself.

Anansi Stories – This site has been written especially for children and beautifully illustrated.

Kidz World Citizen – This site has a whole collection of Anansi Stories, these are attributed to the Caribbean. There are also some lesson plans available.

Anansi and the Turtle -This is an animated version by the BBC.

The Anansi Stories

Anansi Stories – Lesson plans

Anansi Story Week Plan Other Cultures by Nickburton9  – Anansi and Turtle go to Lunch – Year 5

  This Plan is  for Year 5/6, Africa; Weeks 6 – 8 Literacy Narrative; Plan 3 African myths. Children plan & write the story of an extra creature that Anansi had to catch in order to ‘buy’ the calm, or restore order. Characters learn a lesson; character’s reaction is described  …

Anansi Lesson Plans & Worksheets Reviewed by Teachers  – Masses of Anansi lesson plans and teaching resources, including worksheets and Anansi the spider videos.

Scholastic – Offers a free booklet about how the Anansi stories began.

Jamaica Anansi Stories – There are lots of folk tales on this site but many of them are not written in a suitable style for children to access, if teachers want to use them in class, it would be best if they were “translated” by the teacher.