Tellagami review – digital story telling

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Tellagami back ground imagesTellagami (rhymes with origami) is a quick and easy way to create and share a short story called a Gami.

It is a free downloadable app for iPads and iPod Touches and is a very quick method for pupils to create digital stories which can be shared with others.

Open the app, click on create and choose a suitable background from their library or upload your own picture.

Create your character make it male or female.
Choose the skin tone, eye colour, hair and then some clothes.

Tellagami character

Select an emotion for your character

Telagami - Emotion

Type in your story or record it directly onto your iPad (you can record up to 30 seconds of narration).

Typing into a gami

Once you animation is complete you can either send it by email, share it through various social networks
or just save it onto your device to show it in class.

Tellagami share

It is very quick and a really easy way for children to share their digital stories.