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Teach with MoviesTeach with Movies has a whole set of video clips and lesson plans that cover many subjects across the age range from three to as old as you can imagine!

Film clips and lessons are helpfully grouped alphabetically, in age order (linked below):

Many of the videos mentioned are meant to be used with the DVD of the film, but for many of them there are well-known or favourite clips available on You Tube which can be used.

I chose a music lesson based on Ravel’s Bolero! It should be used with a DVD which would be purchased – but there are plenty of lovely orchestral versions of Bolero on YouTube such as this one which is the one specifically mentioned in the lesson plan:

The lesson had some great ideas, just ready for a teacher to pick up and use. It started with a brief account of Ravel’s Life, linked the music to introducing the orchestra, gave the background of the piece, talked about the conductor, gave questions to discuss and added several extra links to make things more interesting.

A second lesson plan which I looked at was Finding Nemo, a film which many primary schools will already have access to.

It’s subject matter are :

” SUBJECTS — Marine Biology (Science/Technology);
ETHICAL EMPHASIS — Respect, Responsibility.”

There is information about many of the types of fish that are characters in the film, information about the food chain, information about coral reefs, 56 questions about marine biology to chose from, three friendship questions and a discussion about the father / son relationship. There is plenty to choose from to make a lesson following watching a clip from the film.

All in all, I think there is lots on offer from Teach with Movies; it has lots of good ideas to inspire teachers. This clip where father and son are reunited is probable a good one to use for KS2.