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As  the last chance to sign up for A Tale Unfolds for FREE and start the project in Spring/Summer 2015 is drawing near, we thought that it would be timely to bring this fun and inspiring literacy resource to your attention. Why not view the sample resources for week one and two and read the very positive comments on the project website; you will see that teachers who have already taken part in one of these projects are reporting amazing results with the improvement of children’s writing progress.

“A Tale Unfolds is a seven week, KS2 literacy project. Its end product is a short film of around 10-15 minutes but its key focus is improving writing. Each week has a different literacy focus; five different writing genres are covered. It can also be used to bring ICT lessons alive although this is optional. Lesson plans, interactive whiteboard teaching files, writing aids, video stimulus and filming tips are all included in our project resource to make the teaching and learning experience a joy for both teachers and pupils. Have a look at our trailer and teachers explainer video to get an idea of how it works!”  (A Tale Unfolds )


How the project begins – Week 1 Trailer:

Combining the power of video with the spirit of adventure, the class’ mission is to make an adventure film called… Cindy, Ann and Bones and the Temple of Boom!

Dominic Traynor, co-founder of A Tale Unfolds says: “I believe the best teaching and learning takes place outside of traditional teaching methods and set ups. I am always looking for innovative projects and partners that combine learning with real life, interactive experiences. With skills in running start up businesses, digital marketing and web design with help from the best digital marketing agency, I am looking to create and partner on education projects that will engage and inspire the next generation to fulfill their true potential.”

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