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Sculpture Ideas

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Sculpture IdeasThis is a set of web links, offering sculpture ideas, that you may find very useful:

National Curriculum Sculpture – offers a page that contains resources and advice relating to developing National Curriculum sculpture in primary schools.

KS2 Art and Design Quiz,This ...

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Doodles Academy

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Doodles AcademyDoodles Academy is a website offering six online art projects suitable for Primary aged children. It offers enough to last for one whole year’s art lessons!

There is also a really good introductory video explaining how it all works!

Units Available

Unit 1: Copying Linear

  • Superheroes
  • The Secret Language of Objects

Unit 2: Complex Line

  • Masks
  • Symbol & Self

Unit 3: Observation Drawing

  • A Toy’s Story
  • Dream House

Unit 4: Texture

  • Totem Animal
  • Create-a-Creature

Unit 5: Colour

  • Near & Far
  • Around the Neighbourhood

Unit 6: ...

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ArtCyclopedia in an interesting website; it is more like a search engine, trawling the web for artist’s information and resources.

On the site there are

  • 9,000 artists listed
  • 2,900 art sites indexed
  • 160,000 links

So, as you can see, there is plenty to choose from.

As you arrive on the site, there is a search box where you can enter: the artist, the title of an image, or the name of an art gallery or ...

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The Tate Art Gallery for Teachers

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The Tate Art Gallery for TeachersThe Tate Gallery offers a collection of resources for schools for helping to study art.

The Tate Online Resources cover, along with other things:

  1. Henry Moore’s Sculpture, a resource – for KS2 and above – where students look at Henry Moore’s life, work and sources of inspiration.
  2. A Glossary of Art terms, which explains and gives examples of all of the different art styles and attempts ...

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BBC Class Clips Based on Art and Design

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BBC Class ClipsThe TES have a whole set of BBC Class Clips based on Art and Design. There are  more than 9000 video clips from the BBC Learning Zone and many of them are freely available as well as being ideal for use in the primary school. The BBC Class Clips can be filtered according to age and have a description ...

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