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StroyJumperStory Jumper is a great place to create and discover children’s stories. There is lots of help for teachers in the whole process of story writing and the website has some wonderful inspiring ideas to motivate all primary ages.

Example quote from one teacher:

My kids used to groan when I mentioned the mundane task of writing. Then I introduced them to Storyjumper, and now I can’t get them to do anything but write! Storyjumper has completely changed our lives in the classroom!”  Kathleen Normandeau

Story Jumper


Extract taken from their website the teachers section:

“The Story Starter™ workbook is a tool for teaching students the creative writing process. The goal of the workbook is to coach students in building the 7 primary components of a story (Character, Challenge, Motivation, Setting, Obstacles, Climax, and Closing). Finishing the 7 steps will give students complete story arcs that they can then develop into rich, detailed stories. You can also adjust the material to fit the needs of your class. Here are just a few ideas you can use to mix things up:

Group Story I: Split the class into small groups and have them work on each step in teams and brainstorming ideas together. After each step, have the class share the results and vote on which team’s idea to use.

Group Story II: Split the class into two groups. After each step, have the teams trade worksheets, and then have them continue, building on the other team’s progress.

Character Building: Have your students create trading cards using their characters. Use the questions in the Character section to develop attributes. Collect all the cards and mix them in a hat/bag. Have students select a card(s) at random from bag. Take it a step further by dividing the cards between Hero/Villain groups.

When the students have completed their worksheets, they are ready to begin building their books on the StoryJumper website. Follow the instructions in Part B for creating a free online version of their story that they can share with friends and family.”

Story Jumper

Write your story, create your book, share it with your class … you do not have to buy the book!