Starting to use an iPad in the classroom?

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my iphone screenMany teachers are investigating the iPad for classroom use. It is a very intuitive device but it is easy to spend money on apps and not know what you are buying. There are a huge variety of free apps but even they can be confusing.

Below are a small set of apps to investigate; many of these need to be purchased but they will give any teacher a starter set. These are not curriculum linked, though they will almost certainly be used in a curricular context. Each app below is linked to a You Tube video which explains how each app is used.

Video demonstrations of some starter apps for any teachers new to the iPad  – watch the videos before you buy!



Penultimate – note taking app

Notes Plus – add audio, useful if you want to record a session whilst taking notes

SyncPad iPad  – useful for a teaching situation where multiple iPads are attached

Synchpad – another short video of 40 iPads running over WiFi

Dragon Dictation – this is incredibly accurate and can be used instead of typing. The UK version uses “fullstop” and “comma,”  – this video is from the US!

Dragon Search  – a great search engine for the iPad


Wikipanion  – accessing wikipedia on the iPad

ReflectionApp –  the first Live Chat, where one or more iPads can be projected onto a screen for collaboration and sharing

WhatsApp  – SMS / texting without cost – very useful! Great over WiFi.

Skype – group chats in real time even when people are not in the same place! Chat to native speakers in your target language

10 FREE APPS – a quick explanation of the following ten apps:

  • Flipboard
  • Overdrive – Library
  • Skype – Keep in touch
  • IMDb – Film Facts
  • ABC Player – TV shows
  • Photoshop Express – import pictures, add contrast, brightness, crop and share
  • Epicurious – share recipes
  • CNN News – news and current events
  • inCLass – keeping track of assignments, schedules, quizzes, reminders etc
  • Dropbox – cloud storage

Google Earth

Downcast – download all of your favourite podcasts

Garage Band

Keynote and Keynote Remote – presenting from an iPad

Cloud Storage Apps