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social mediaThe NSPCC Net Aware website has lots of information about social networks relating to children’s use of these sites which may be useful for teachers and parents alike.

The site catalogues 49 of the best known social networking sites and provides a page about each one in turn, saying: what children think of them, what parents think of them and how they are advertised by the company itself. The NSPCC worked with O2 to learn about the social media sites in order to try to keep children safe online. They  interviewed or worked with over 500 parents and carers, and 1725 young people to learn about the social networks and apps that children use. The responses are on each social network page. For example the Facebook page asks:

What do I need to know about Facebook and Facebook Messenger? We’ve joined forces with O2 to find out what parents of 8-12 year olds think about Facebook and Facebook Messenger. We’ve also asked young people what they think.”

Social Media Awareness

If you click on any of the site icons it takes you through to the next level of information about it, you can see a similar message on Snapchat:

Social media awareness

As new social network sites are used by children, it is useful to be able to keep up with the changes and see what they are all about. This site is probably worth sharing with parents.