Broadband in Oxfordshire Schools

Since Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) discontinued their OCN broadband and web filtering services, 123ICT have been helping schools replace their OCN connection with an appropriate alternative. 123ICT is the only support company in Oxfordshire that is an authorised reseller for both Exa Networks and Schools Broadband. Both companies specialise in providing broadband connections and web filtering solutions for the education sector.


How can 123ICT help?

123ICT can help your school by offering:

Impartial Advice: 123ICT will create a comparative broadband quote for your school and then we will recommend the most cost effective broadband supplier.

Project Management: 123ICT will assign a consultant to visit your school to discuss your broadband requirements and to conduct a site survey. Our consultant will manage the whole broadband transition, including the installation.

On-going Support: 123ICT will act as your local support partner if there is a broadband connectivity issue in the future.

Please contact us for information on our broadband solutions

Why choose 123ICT?

All site visits, installation, setup, training, project management and on-going support are free of charge from 123ICT. This is because we use our reseller margin to cover these costs. The minimum time from placing a broadband order to switching over from your current provider is six weeks.

It should be noted that 123ICT Limited is NOT a supplier of broadband or other related broadband services. We are however, on the list of OCC approved broadband partners. In this capacity, 123ICT have been successfully assisting schools with broadband transitions since February 2011. We have more experience than any other local support company and can provide over sixty local case-studies.


“We are very grateful that 123ICT arranged our Schools Broadband connection.
I’m not sure what primary schools in our position would do without them!”

Julie Hawkins, Head Teacher, Hardwick Primary School

More testimonials

“When schools ask about the benefit of working in partnership with 123ICT, one of the main
reasons is that 123ICT can work with our support team to resolve any issue that may arise.
Working in collaboration with 123ICT has resolved some awkward problems that are unique to
Oxon schools. They have done a great job and at no extra charge to the schools. Schools can only
benefit from such collaboration and this is why we recommend 123ICT as a reseller of Schools
Broadband connections in Oxfordshire.”

David Tindall, Technical Director, Schools Broadband.
________ ________ ________

123ICT have been a preferred partner of Exa Networks and we have worked them directly with
since 2011. 123ICT supply our broadband and fibre connectivity, as well as our content filtering to a
large number of schools throughout Oxfordshire; in fact the very first Exa broadband connection in
the county was at a 123ICT school and a close working relationship has existed between the
companies ever since. We have been particularly impressed by the attention to detail and
broadband project management skills that 123ICT can offer Oxfordshire schools.”

Mark Cowgill, Managing Director, Exa Networks.
________ ________ ________

123ICT organised our broadband transition from the OCN to EXA-Networks over two years ago
and we have been very happy with the service so far. When we had a broadband problem due to
some localised flooding, we were so grateful to have 123ICT on hand as our local support partner
to help resolve the issue.”

Deborah Nind, Head Teacher William Fletcher Primary School


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