Scholastic – It’s the Writing Event of the Year!

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Scholastic - It's the Writing Event of the Year!January 15th 2014 is a date for your school diary! It’s the Scholastic Writing Event of the Year!

Jeff Kinney, author of The Wimpy Kid books, and Dav Pilkey, author of the Captain Underpants books, are running a webcast to launch a writing competition being run by Scholastic. Both men are illustrators as well as writers and will be inspiring children to look  for detail in their work. The competition involves finishing a story. The starter story panels  will be available on the 15th January 2014.

The time does not work out well for the schools in the UK but it will be recorded, so it could be watched in school the next morning and pupils can still take part in the competition.

In addition to  signing up for the event, you can also download teaching resources from the site. An example of one of the downloadable class activities is reproduced below:

“Ask your students whether they prefer writing or drawing and why. Then ask them to brainstorm a list of moments or events they think would be easier to express through words, or through pictures. Here are some ideas to get you started or to add to your list:

• You feel sad because you miss your best friend.
• There’s a battle taking place between invisible enemies.
• The oldest turtle on earth is having a birthday party.
• A gym teacher visits a new school for the first time.
• A cow trips over a magic stick and rolls down a hill.

Once you have your list, allow students to attempt drawing or describing the scenes and test their hypotheses of which is easier.”

The site also deals with conflict as one of the crucial parts of story and offers resources to get pupils thinking about their story development.

To sign up for the competition and see all of the downloadable resources visit the website here.