Pokémon Go for Parents and Teachers

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Pokémon Go for Parents and TeachersPokémon Go for Parents and Teachers is a set of links to help adults understand problems that may arise with the game.


The video below demonstrates what Pokémon Go is for anyone who has not seen it already. It is easy to see how there could be problems just from seeing the game play video. The game is targeted to children and adults over the age of 13, so this post really should not be necessary, but, like other things with the age 13 rating some children will still be allowed to play and it is those that need protection.


Pokémon Go was launched during the summer and has captured the imagination of millions of children

To help parents and teachers get a better understanding of this new phenomenon taking the gaming world by storm, this site outlines the key information that parents and teachers need to know.

There are four key areas which need watching:

  • Stranger Danger
  • Safety outdoors
  • In-app purchases
  • Mobile Data use.

Various sites offer rules to keep children safe whilst playing:

Pokémon Go for Parents and Teachers