123ICT Company Ethos

123ICT Company Ethos

What ICT products and services do primary schools actually need?

This is a question we continually ask ourselves as a company.

At 123ICT, we pride ourselves on acting impartially and with integrity on behalf of the primary schools we represent.

As part of your support contract we will use our experience to find the most appropriate ICT solutions and equipment at the best price we can get for you with no hidden margins.


Saving your school money

We understand the financial pressure that schools are under and as your budgets tighten, we are determined to offer excellent value for money. At 123ICT we keep our company overheads low which means we can offer extremely competitive support contract rates.

In addition, we will use our experience to find the best solution and equipment at the best price we can get for you with no hidden margins. The companies we use for IT procurement offer us commercial pricing on a range of IT equipment and services.

If you have a support contract with us and we place an order during one of our support visits, why should you pay more? Unlike other ICT support companies we promise to pass on this pricing to our schools.

Impartial advice

123ICT provides ICT support only for primary schools in Oxfordshire and we have over 40 years combined experience of working in the county’s education sector. We therefore feel we are uniquely placed to impartially evaluate the IT services and solutions that affect primary schools in Oxfordshire.

We publish a monthly newsletter which keeps our schools up to date with the latest Oxfordshire and national ICT developments. The newsletter includes a section specifically aimed at bursars and business managers about reducing the cost of IT provision and OCC Quest services.

Finally, unlike other ICT support companies, we do not develop our own ICT products or solutions as we believe this would compromise our impartiality. 

Partner Companies:

123ICT work closely with the following companies and they offer 123ICT schools preferential pricing on their good and services. Please feel free to contact us if you have a ICT service that may be of interest to the primary schools we serve.


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