Teachers Online Safety

There’s a wealth of resources available online.  This list (though not exhaustive) should point you in the right direction…

If you need help right away please visit

Professionals Helpline from Safer Internet

Email helpline@saferinternet.org.uk  Or call 0344 381 4772. Open 10am – 4pm Monday to Friday

Main sources of help and advice

UK Safer Internet Centrehttp://www.saferinternet.org.uk/ lead Safer internet day (2nd day, 2nd week of 2nd month).

360 Degree Safehttps://360safe.org.uk/ FREE to use matrix to compare your school to others and to help you develop an action plan.


Think-U-Know –  https://www.thinkuknow.co.uk/ – sign up for a FREE teacher’s account to access the free CEOP resources and to help you keep up to date.


Resources to use with Children

Little Bird’s Internet Security Adventure – PDF http://aa-download.avg.com/filedir/fas/family-safety_little-bird.pdf   (iOS app – https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/little-bird/id448923255?mt=8 )

DigiDuck’s Big Decisionhttp://www.kidsmart.org.uk/teachers/ks1/digiduck.aspx

Pacific North West Tree Octopushttp://zapatopi.net/treeoctopus/ – can your pupils spot the lie?

Net Smartz Kidshttp://www.netsmartzkids.org/AdventureGames/TheInternetSafetyGame


SMART Rules Posters etchttp://www.kidsmart.org.uk/beingsmart/

Childnet Videos to Introduce the Smart Rules in Year 3 – http://www.childnet.com/resources/the-adventures-of-kara-winston-and-the-smart-crew

Other Sites

Common Sense Mediahttps://www.commonsensemedia.org/


Bullying UKhttp://www.bullying.co.uk/

CBBC – Stay Safehttp://www.bbc.co.uk/cbbc/topics/stay-safe

Carnegie Cyber Academyhttp://www.carnegiecyberacademy.com/

Internet Mattershttp://www.internetmatters.org/

Digitally Confidenthttp://www.digitallyconfident.org

Useful Resources

Get Safe Onlinehttps://www.getsafeonline.org/quiz/

Social Media Quizhttp://www.jellyfish.co.uk/social-media-quiz/

SWGfL – Schoolshttp://www.swgfl.org.uk/products-services/Online-Safety-Services

Kent E-Safety Strategy Grouphttp://www.kelsi.org.uk/support-for-children-and-young-people/child-protection-and-safeguarding/e-safety

NSPCC – “I saw your willy”http://www.nspcc.org.uk/preventing-abuse/keeping-children-safe/share-aware/

Local Information (*Oxfordshire)

OCC Reporthttp://schools.oxfordshire.gov.uk/cms/content/internet-safety-and-cyberbullying

Fortnite issues?

If you want a sensational take on Fortnite then head over to the Sun! https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/6032635/fortnite-warning-nca-paedophiles-grooming-children-online/
There are not really specific resources for schools that address online gaming directly but the new Google offering https://beinternetlegends.withgoogle.com/en-gb/  might help!