National Poetry Day

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1-Nat_Poetry_Day_2015What is National Poetry Day?

National Poetry Day is the annual mass celebration of poetry and all things poetical. It will mark its 21st birthday on Thursday 8 October 2015.

“Download the free National Poetry Day anthology of Light Poems here, and check out the poems and poets involved here.

All are invited to join in, breaking with the tyranny of prose by thinking of a poem and sharing it in imaginative ways, with the hashtags: #nationalpoetryday and #thinkofapoem.

What does it mean, to see the world as a poet does? The best responses to the Make Like A Poet digital challenge will be blazed across Blackpool Lights on National Poetry Day.”

That opening is quoted from the National Poetry Day Website.

There are many great resources including an ebook being made available on that site ready for the National Poetry Day on Thursday, which is the eighth anniversary of the celebration.

There are also posters to download and put up in the classroom and the free ebook containing poems on the them of light from: Deborah Alma, Brian Moses, Chrissie Gittins, Liz Brownlee, Michaela Morgan, Jan Dean, Paul Cookson, Roger Stevens, Joseph Cohelo, Indigo Williams and Sally Crabtree.

In addition, there is a whole section of poems about light and information about events happening on Thursday 8th October.

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