MIS Update: OCC Support & Training

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Oxfordshire County Council have finalised their annual MIS support and training costs this week @ £800 plus £3.50 per pupil.

For more information, please find refer to OCC’s information leaflet:


The pricing for OCC support is less than expected and we feel it gives schools a sensible alternative for their RM Integris and SIMS support. One important factor that schools should consider is that OCC include training (including OPT) as part of their support package. This could be a real advantage for schools opting for RM Integris where on-going MIS staff training is a requirement as it is likely to be more cost effective … Scomis and RM both charge for additional MIS training.

However, many schools are opting to go directly to Scomis or RM for their MIS support / training as they feel they will get a better service from the company that actually hosts their MIS data. It’s not a easy decision to make and our advice would be to speak to OCC / RM / Scomis directly.

Contact details:

OCC – Polly Hedges (01865 797233 –

RM Education – Jonathan Smith (01235 826000 –

Scomis – Debbie Foweraker (01392 385349 –

You may also  find the following list of RM Integris FAQs useful and please contact us if you would like a copy of our amended our SIMS / RM Integris Cost Calculator which has been updated to include the final MIS support costs.