Mathopolis: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division

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Maths App LogoMathopolis: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division is an app created for the iPad. It is an engaging firefighter themed game designed to teach the basic maths facts and increase recall speed! Answer your maths facts correctly to put out the fires and save the buildings in Mathopolis.

Mathopolis is from TicTapTech and it is a fun way for children to learn maths facts. The child becomes a fireman trying to put out the fire to save the buildings.  There are different places in the town to save, such as the Sports Store, Post Office and the Library.  On each device, multiple “firefighters,” can be created,which is especially helpful for teachers. Children can earn medals as they complete levels.  Players begin by choosing “play” to work on timed levels and earn medals, or “training” to be able to practice without being timed.

Mathopolis: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and DivisionMaths facts from 0-12 are covered in the games, so the app can be set up for a wide age range. The younger ones may be studying addition, as the older ones are fighting fires through the use of division facts. A child can work on just one operation, up to all four of them, or, work on just certain facts within an operation. The app allows a teacher to focus the work to where the child needs support giving great opportunities for personal learning. You can keep track of an infinite number of different “firefighters” on the game at a time. The developers wanted to be sure that a teacher could use it for an entire class; however, If you look at the profiles screen you only see five spaces, but once more than five are added, that screen will scroll.

Mathopolis: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and DivisionIf a problem is missed, a window in the building breaks and is boarded up.  When the level is completed, missed problems can be viewed, and can be played again. There are easy, medium, and hard levels. The sound can be turned off, but the sound of windows breaking and fire burning is part of the appeal. The timer can be turned on to provide challenge, or off to avoid frustration.  Mathopolis will provide many hours of play and replay as children have fun saving the town. As an added bonus there is now a free lite version to play and try.