Literacy Shed

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Literacy Shed LogoThe Literacy Shed is a huge collection of visual resources which are thematically grouped and suitable for use in KS1 and KS2.

The are a collection of high quality resources that can be used in literacy lessons. Each Shed has videos suitable for use in class with lots of follow-up ideas for how to use the resources and things for children to do. It is the most amazing collection of literacy resources I have seen.

The themes in the collection are:

  • The Fantasy Shed
  • The Other Cultures Shed
  • The Ghostly Shed
  • The Maia Walczak Shed
  • The Inspiration Shed
  • The Thinking ShedThe Literacy Shed web page picture
  • The Picture Book Shed
  • The Great Animations Shed
  • The Love Shed
  • The Fairy Tale Shed
  • The Inventor’s Shed
  • The Reading Shed
  • The Poetry Shed
  • The Adventure Shed
  • The Mystery Shed
  • The Sci-Fi Shed
  • The Myths and Legends Shed
  • The Film Trailers Shed
  • The Fun Shed
  • Farmer Dan’s Barn
  • The Lighthouse
    What's new from the Literacy Shed
  • The Flying Books shed
  • The Images
  • Shed
  • The Resource Shed
  • Class Blogs shed
  • The Author’s Shed
  • The Blog Shed
  • The Web links Shed
  • The Non-Literacy Shed