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lightLight – A whole set of web links to provide easy access to games and many other resources for teachers in their science planning and for children, either at home or in the classroom. If you have some great links that you would like to see on this page, please send them to us so that we may include them.

BBC Bitesize  – Sarah Jane’s Rani is trapped in the Spellman’s Circus Hall of Mirrors! Use your knowledge of light to guide her to safety.

Light for kids – From the Science Kids site – Turn on the lights and discover the science subject with our cool range of experiments, free games, science fair projects, fun facts, interesting quizzes, videos and more!

Light – From, a whole set of interesting facts to explore

Optics for kids – Is interesting, see: “How FAST does light travel at? About 186,000 miles per second [300,000 kilometers per second], so light from the sun takes about 8 minutes to go 93 million miles [149 million kilometers] to earth. Does this seem SLOW? Well, if you could DRIVE to the sun at 60 mph [100 kph], it would take you 177 years to get there! In one second, light can go around the earth 7 times!”

Ducksters Physics for Kids, Science of Light  covers awkward questions such as what is it made of!

Light from KidsKonnect – Gives a set of facts but then adds lots of links to cover all different aspects of the study.

Downloadable and printable – Posters on reflection and refraction.

A Youtube video on light for primary school: see below: