Light and Sound

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Light and SoundLight and Sound is a National Curriculum Science topic and there are a fair amount of resources offered to both teachers and learners in support this topic on-line; here are a number of  Light and Sound links that primary school teachers may find very useful.

Hamilton Trust – Offer Sound Planning suitable for year four. They also offer Light Planning for years three and six.

Primary Resources – This site has lots of teacher made resources for light and sound – look especially at the light teaching pack at the bottom of the page!

Topic Box – Has a whole collection of Light and Sound resources available.

The Royal Institution – Provides a Jumping Candle Flame set of experiments.

EverySchool – Offers the opportunity to make a Pringles Pin Hole Camera!  There are also a whole range of interactive resources on this page about the science of  light and, in addition, they offer a whole set of experiments related to light!

TES – Provide a whole unit of work on Light and Sound .

EdPlace  – Offers  the following set of worksheets that are related to sound:

  • How are Sounds Made?
  • How Do You Play This Instrument?
  • How We Hear Sound
  • Insulating Sound
  • Investigating Sound Insulators
  • Making Sounds
  • Making Sounds With Instruments
  • Pitch
  • Sounds and Keeping Safe
  • Sounds and Vibrations
  • Travelling Sounds

SchoolsWorldTV- Primary Science –  Offers a set of five videos related to sound and hearing.

Planet Science – Provides the opportunity to  ‘Make a sound sandwich!’

Twinkl – Offers a range of Light and Sound downloadable worksheets.

 light and sound