Left on the Shelf – Film Competition

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Left on the ShelfBelow is a story (Left on the shelf) from Jamie Keddie’s new book, Videotelling. This post is about a competition, published in the English Teaching Professional, that requires your students to create a short film (five minutes maximum length) to bring ‘Left on the Shelf’ to life.

Left on the Shelf

It’s almost as if they were made for each other
Love at first sight
He was going one way
She was going the other
He smiled at her
She smiled back
And that was it
No chance to stop

Neither of them thought
That they would ever meet again
But perhaps this love was meant to be
Because against all odds
Their paths crossed
Not once, not twice, but three more times

They fell in love
He popped the question
She said yes
They tied the knot
And their love went from strength to strength

But then one day, everything changed
A careless little action
A situation beyond their control
And against their will, they were forced apart
Made to go their separate ways

She went on to new things
A new life
A new reason
A new purpose

But not so far away from here
In a forgotten little corner
He lives alone with nothing but memories
A terrible feeling of emptiness
Sometimes he thinks that life might have been better
If only he had been
Left on the shelf

Competition Details

You can download the full competition details in PDF form at the link provided below:

An important reminder – if children appear in the video parental consent must be obtained.

Example Story Film

Here is an example film, but do not show this to children prior to them making their own films. It is from a book called Videotelling due out in September which will be a really useful guide to using videos in class.