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A photograph of the Western WallIn our multi-cultural society, teaching about world religions, festivals and celebrationshis helps children to develop a knowledge,  understanding and tolerance of the world around them.

To assist in your lesson planning we have provided a list of useful website links related to Judaism:

Judaism for Children

Jewish Artefacts – photographs and explanations of Jewish artefacts from NGFL Cymru

The Ten Commandments  – includes an activity for children to try.

The Story of Moses – an illustrated story of Moses and the flight of the Hebrews from Egypt.  This can be used either for religious education in relation to Judaism and Christianity, or in the literacy hour.

The Story of Joseph – an illustrated story of Joseph, common to both Christianity and Judaism. Again can be used in the Literacy Hour or in religious education lessons.

Hanukkah – the Festival of lights – the background to the Jewish Festival of Hanukkah is explained, together with the ways the festival is observed today – this is a difficult site more appropriate to older students and teachers.

Jewish naming ceremony – this is again more appropriate for teachers and older pupils.

Resources from CLEO

Web cam on the Western wall

RE online  – a powerful searchable index of RE resources that puts you in touch with excellent learning resources related to six major world faiths.

Teddy’s Day Out  – a  game to help young children learn the signs and symbols connected with six major world faiths.

Holy Days and Festivals – This multi-faith calendar by the BBC shows religious festivals and celebrations from eight world faiths.