iPads in the classroom – links to advice

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iPad screenSchools all over the world are buying sets of iPads to use as a classroom resource. There is a lot of information written and below are some links which may help schools considering purchasing iPads.

This Livebinder site – has masses of useful information and many links to help schools get started.

Preparing your school for an iPad implementation  – lots of practical advice before an iPad roll-out in the form of a series of questions which need answering – it is a very good start.

iPads in Education   This is the Apple’s own iPad in Education website which has lots of good information, advise and resources for teachers using, or considering using, iPads in the classroom.

 – one teacher’s story

Four Reasons Why School Tablet Rollouts Can Stumble – Or Fail – an interesting read that emphasis how important planning is. It writes about failed projects in many schools in the States but there are lesson to learn within.

– useful tips and tutorials, from, on using the new Microsoft Office apps for iPad.