Introducing Thinglink

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thinglinkIntroducing Thinglink: “ThingLink is the leading platform for creating interactive images and videos for web, social, advertising, and educational channels.

Be creative! Make your images come alive with video, text, images, shops, music and more!

Every image contains a story and Thinglink helps you tell your stories.”(

With Thinglink, children can embed content into an image to create an exciting digital story. They can embed video, sound, images, text, and links that can bring all of their story, report, documentary or whatever they are working on, into a single document for everyone to investigate. It is a very motivating and interesting way of presenting information.

The application can be used on a computer, or downloaded as an app, from the links below:


Thinglink can also be used, without download, through web browsers.

The basic version is free and that is for one teacher and up to 100 children in their class. It is worth trying out the free version and, if it is found to be really useful, it may be worth the comparatively small cost for 5 classes.

Introducing Thinglink App
This example was made by Jamie Forshey who concluded a project on Ancient Civilizations.

There are more great examples of student work available to see on the Thinglink website..

The link below provides a set of ideas which should  start teachers thinking about how they could use Thinglink with their own classes: