Interactive Whiteboard Links and Resources

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SmartboardInteractive whiteboards (IWB) are in many classrooms now and lots of teachers are using them really successfully and very imaginatively. It may be timely to reconsider your own use of IWBs in the classroom – below are links from various places offering ideas and resources especially for the IWB.

10 Creative Ways to Use Interactive White Boards in the Classroom – This page has some great ideas of what you could do with your whiteboard, there may be something new here for everyone!

Interactive Whiteboard Resources – Covering a range of subjects across all key stages, this is a set of resources from Top Marks. – This site – created, owned and managed by the Woodnewton Academy Trust – brings together a number of freely available interactive teaching resources that can be used on the interactive touchscreens in our classrooms. Again this site is split into subjects and year groups.

Whiteboard resources for pupils with SLD, PMLD and ASD – For pupils with Severe Learning Difficulties, Profound & Multiple Learning Difficulties and Autism Spectrum Disorder – from the Plasma Screen and Whiteboard Room.

Seal interactive whiteboard resources – From Topmarks.

Scholastic (SMART) interactive whiteboard resources  – Scholastic claim, this link leads to: “A community of over one million passionate educators sharing captivating, interactive resources can inspire each other and student learning. Browse the SMART Exchange website now  to start downloading free standards-correlated digital lessons, assessments, and copyright-cleared content that will inspire your classrooms. The SMART Exchange is the number-one educator community that extends the power of SMART Notebook software.”

Promethean Planet interactive whiteboard resources – For classes that have Promethean boards.

Interactive WhiteboardTES iboard – Offers a 30 day free trial and has beautifully coloured whiteboard resources linked to units of work. At £11.99 per year it is likely to save anyone lots of time for £1 per month.