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123ICT Online Safety Links

We have created a PDF file of links to download for PARENTS  and a LARGE zip-file pack of relevant information (1.7GB) for STAFF 


CEOP Command (Child Exploitation Online Protection) and
Resources and information for 5-7s, 8-10s, 11-13s, 14+, Parents/Carers, Teachers
Recommended resources:
* KS1 – Lee and Kim Animal Magic cartoon and Hectors World Cartoons (6)
* KS2 – Jigsaw video, Cyber Café online game

New resources include:
“Nude Selfies” series of four films for parents and carers

Helpline for children, information for parents and carers particularly around online bullying.  A good name to use with the KS2 children when talking about ways of getting help.

Publish regular reports on media and internet use but also have links to other resources too.

Digiduck’s Big Decision –
Resources for families and teachers

Good rules for KS2 children

ChildNet International
Information and resources for young people, families and teachers

Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI)
A site about good digital parenting with lots of information and resources

Can I be your friend?
Opera trailer film about social network behaviour –

South West Grid for Learning (SWGFL)
Online Safety Services for schools.  Advice, information, policies etc.

UK Safer Internet Centre
Resources and information for Teachers
Professionals helpline too…
Promotes Safer Internet Day (2-2-2 – second day, second week, second month)

Online e-Safety review tool for schools.

North West Pacific Tree Octopus
Boiler Plate the Nineteenth Century Robot
Good sites to show children to discuss the information age and if you can trust websites?

PureSight Online Child Safety
Report 2012

Bullying UK
Advice and support for families and professionals

Anti-bullying alliance UK
Resources and research

Oxfordshire County Council
Cyberbullying information and national guidance for schools

Kent e-Safety Strategy Group
Resources and policies for schools and teachers
Information for educators, parents and students about how to become responsible Digital Citizens including resources to support cyberbullying issues (mainly for secondary)

A fun site for young people!

CBBC Stay Safe
Information for kids

The Carnegie Cyber Academy
Online e-Safety game

Share Aware campaign – nude selfies – resources for families

Technology & Sleep
How does technology affect your sleep?