ICT for Schools Conference 2011

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Wednesday 16th November 2011 was our first opportunity to exhibit our ICT support services to Oxfordshire primary schools. We decided to attend as a company as we felt it was important to represent the schools we work in while giving an indication to potential schools that we very much believe in teamwork. It also allowed us to catch up with lots of schools … thank you for all the positive feedback we received during the day.

The presentations were varied with some of more interest to primary schools than others. The main news to come out of the conference is the changes afoot to OCN broadband. Once we have received clarification of these, we’ll set out some impartial advice to help our schools understand their implications.

The ICT conference gave us a chance to network with various companies and consultants and we are pleased to announce that we now have agreements in place with Carol Rainbow and Kim Marczak as freelance curriculum and SIMS training partners respectively.