Handbook of Digital Storytelling

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This publication has been produced as part of the Digital Commonwealth Project.  It introduces blogging, audio, video and social media as tools for story telling. It has been created using money from The Big Lottery fund and the Media Trust, who worked with the with the University of the West of Scotland to run the project.

The handbook was intended for use by the people who were in the project and for anybody else who has an interest in using digital media for storytelling. Each section contains an overview of its aims and learning possibilities. Each section also includes an introduction to the skills needed and makes suggestions how to use it in digital storytelling.  It also has examples and ideas of what could be done and there are showcases, sharing lots of work done on the project.

The handbook starts by introducing the Digital Commonwealth, and explores the themes of: people. places, culture and exchange. These are the themes that the project’s stories were based on.

It goes on to introduces blogging and explains what blogging is and offers its top ten tips for would be bloggers.

Next, it covers video and audio for digital storytelling and again, it offers a whole set of top tips. These are also available on mobile devices, that pupils tend to have these days. Finally it looks at social media storytelling which might not be suitable for the younger pupils but is still a consideration. Again, it gives the top tips and it gives you help on how to stay involved with digital storytelling.

All in all, it is a very useful resource for teachers to read through and keep in mind when the planning literacy sessions and thinking digitally.