Grow Your Own Potatoes

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Grow your own potatoes is a project that teaches primary school children about potatoes. With almost one million primary school children benefiting from this classroom experience linked to the UK curricula, children learn how potatoes grow and how they can fit in to a healthy balanced diet. All you have to do is register your school to receive a FREE potato growing kit. You can then use the supporting lesson plans and worksheets in the classroom. Once you have harvested your potatoes, there is also a chance for your school to win  prizes by entering the project competition.

There are resources on the Grow Your Own Potatoes  website to study plant health, healthy eating, learning about potatoes and more.  In addition to the lesson notes and resources, the following documents are available:

A whole set of videos
Healthy eating information for teachers
Potato nutrition information for teachers
Cross – curricular ideas
UK curricula links
Special Educational Needs Worksheets
Fun visual worksheets to create great lessons for your students