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1-youtubekidsGoogle has created an easy to use, free app – YouTube Kids. It plays videos suitable for children from about 3 years old up to the age of about 7 though there are older videos to be found on it.  It is available for both Android and Apple devices.

To start, adults have to enter and 4 letter code which is given in spelled out numbers, as soon as the child can read the numbers he or she can get into the settings.  That is where adults can turn off the search feature if they wish to. The same settings section tells people how to flag videos and prompts adult users to decide which group of videos would be best, basically there are three possibilities: Pre-school, School age and All. This is so that children are presented with age appropriate material.  Even if the search facility is left on, the search is very well controlled with children being told to “Try searching for something else!” when the search term is not approved. There is a timer facility which can be set to prevent prolonged use.

Google App YouTube Kids

YouTube Kids offers a range of educational videos for early years and KS1. The Learning sections has great educational videos such as some about space and volcanoes from names like National Geographic, it also has educational songs and books to read as well as lots more.

Teachers can use videos as supplemental resources, with hundreds of clips and full episodes available from favourites such as Sesame Street, Daniel Tiger, Peg + Cat, and more. In addition, both the “Learning” and the “Music” sections feature scores of educational songs and sing-alongs you could use as whole-class activities.”

The opening colourful splash screen, complete with music and sounds of children laughing, is where the main menu screen appears in landscape mode and shows four categories at the top: Shows, Music, Learning and Explore. The screen is filled with videos for children to watch depending on the category that has been selected.

These “Recommended” videos teach the app what the child likes from his or her viewing habits. After the child has watched a few videos a custom list of related videos will appear, this continues to improve as the child watches further videos.

Google App YouTube Kids