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the-word-geography-1054px-Terrestrial_globe_svgThis is a collection of Geography web links, to assist teachers in the classroom and pupils with homework:

  • The Geographical Association provides a really useful downloadable curriculum overview (GA Publications Coverage Table, below) giving both KS1 and 2 web links for each aspect they are meant to be covering. 
  • Learning Zone Broadband from the BBC provides a whole range of video clips for the 2014 Geography curriculum.
  • For teachers, there is a great set of geographical resources from CAFOD –  includes KS1 and KS2 topics. The KS2 pack is chiefly about El Salvador with maps, photographs and videos clips and the KS1 resources are based on Bangladesh.
  • For teachers, BBC KS2 Geography  has ideas, activities and games on many geographical topics.
  • Crickweb offers 14 Geography Games for Kids. – Geography interactive teaching resources for your IWB, PC and Mac.  Play the US Map Game and test your knowledge of US States and help children learn with these free fun children’s games and activities.  There are resources on coastal features, rivers, India and more.
  • Everyschool – African videos, photograph galleries of rocks and valleys, volcanoes, weather and River Severn resources.
  • Primary Resources –  A large collection of resources created by teachers and shared.
  • Save Teachers’ Sundays – A 2014 collection for Year 3, covering: climate zones, maps and location, volcanoes and earthquakes. In addition, it looks are though more year group resources are on their way.
  • Top Marks provides a range of IWB resources for KS1 and 2 geography.
  • The TES Connect has a range of Geographical resources that are shared by teachers.


Geography web links