Free Teaching Resources from 123HUB and TopicBox

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Ever wished that there was a dedicated on-line resource bank, which provides the information and links to hundreds of great websites for primary school teachers? Well, wish no more – the 123HUB is here!


Hopefully, you are all aware – from the recent launch and promotion – of our brilliant 123HUB resource bank that is FREE for primary school for teachers.



If you have unfortunately missed our publicity, please check out our blog post here and, even better, check out the 123HUB itself here.

The 123HUB is designed to assist teachers in finding quality on-line resources via a simple 1 – 2 – 3 search. Our aim is to take the effort and guesswork out of finding the best on-line resources that are available for teachers. It is envisaged that the 123HUB will grow to include thousands of educational websites. Rest assured that, each of the sites that we include, will have been carefully reviewed and rated according to their relevance to the new Primary Curriculum. You can trust in the quality of the sites published as they have been evaluated by members of our team, who are also qualified teachers.

123HUB is FREE for teachers and by registering; you can recommend your favourite sites for inclusion and also create your own planner and save useful sites for further reference. Registered teachers can also recommend their favourite websites for inclusion.

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Why not check out the 123HUB – at: – now and take advantage of our exciting new resources for teachers?

We are extremely proud of the 123HUB and feel that it gives teachers access to a high quality and unique resource bank, whilst providing the opportunity to access our teaching community at no cost to the user.

We think that teachers will really appreciate and value using the 123HUB. We feel that they deserve the very best of on-line resources, which is why we created the 123HUB. That is also why, we welcome and promote offerings from other agencies – such as TopicBox below – that, we feel, complement our own 123HUB.



Free Teaching Resources from TopicBoxFree Teaching Resources from TopicBoxTopicBox is a free resource for all primary teachers. They have maintained more than 2,000 links directly to free on-line resources for 9 years and they are adding more all the time. As the statistics below illustrates, their most popular subject (by far) is Mathematics which in turn contains their most popular topic: Multiplication. (TopicBox maintains that it has always been that way.)

Free Teaching Resources from TopicBox

Topic Box is a great  teacher site  bringing hundreds of resources together for a big range of topics.

There is a fair amount of advertising on the site but as it is for teachers this is not such a problem and it certainly gives access to lots of themed resources!

On the first page there are key subjects:

  • English
  • Maths
  • Science
  • Foundation Stage
  • Art and Design
  • Design and Technology
  • Geography
  • Hisotry
  • Music
  • French and Spanish
  • Religious Education

As you click on one of those links a further menu is offered  giving a wide variety of well-known web resources all chosen for the age range and curriculum content. Some of the sets of resources are linked to the old QCA topics but others are not. In addition to checking on our own fantastic 123HUB resource bank, it will definitely worth looking to see if there is a topic resource box on any theme which you are planning to work on!

Look at the French resources below to see a good selection ready chosen to work with, there are similar ones there for Spanish too.

Free Teaching Resources from TopicBox