Flippity Madlibs

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select-a-storyFlippity Madlibs is a website where students can have a lot of fun making up stories. It could also help learners learning about parts of speech. Users can keep going back and forth between their chosen words and their completed work to try to make their story make sense; because, it is guaranteed not to do so on the first attempt. I think this could be really useful for children with special educational needs, working one to one with an adult who could read the lines aloud and make sure that they make sense, or ask questions about what better words could be used, etc.


Firstly students have to choose a title from the list of available templates, see the title image above.

They then have to  fill in their own words into the template:

Flippity Madlibs

They can then, click on the link on the page to read their story:

Flippity Madlibs

They can go back and forth between their words and their story as many times as they want to. They can keep changing their words in order for it to make it make sense. Below, is another example

Flippity Madlibs


Basically it is a bit of fun but it will help with reading for meaning and parts of speech.

This Flippity Madlibs website is based on using a Google forms template. There are instructions for making up your own template if you want to try out that sort of activity: See Richard Byrne’s Instructions.