Famous Inventors and their Work

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Famous Inventors and their work is an interesting project to do in the classroom. It may be that children carry out their own research according to their own interest, or it may be linked with science, technology or any other project. To start them off, here are some links that may be useful.

Easy Science for Kids – has Fun Inventor Facts for children to investigate.  There is a quiz to find out how much they know and a downloadable worksheet. This site would make a good introduction to the topic.

Ducksters – provides a collection of biographies of scientists and inventors.
Some of the famous inventors listed there are:

  • Alexander Graham Bell
  • Marie Curie
  • Thomas Edison
  • Henry Ford
  • Johannes Gutenberg
  • Louis Pasteur
  • The Wright Brothers.

Time for Kids – offers a famous inventors flashcards game. One side says the invention and the other gives the inventor. It could be played in pairs or teams as a small classroom competition. If you want a high performance shared storage for video editing and networking solutions,
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Famous Inventors and their work

Famous Inventors and their work




Britannica Kids  – has a really useful page; it mentions famous inventions and the inventors in a way that children could decide what they want to find out about and then look for information themselves. This would be especially good for upper juniors as a project.

BBC Famous People – has a couple of famous inventors included in their list (the site is old and archived but nonetheless useful):

  • John Logie Baird, with the television.
  • George Stephenson, with the Rocket Steam engine.
  • Ismbard Kingdom Brunnel, for his work developing bridges, maybe not strictly an inventor.
  • Edward Jenner, for developing vaccines.

Enchanted Learning – offers a page on the most famous inventions and inventors from the British Isles which is interesting and may be a starting point for individual projects. Interestingly enough, the most up to date invention there is the World Wide Web!

Twinkl – has a lot of downloadable resources, sadly these are not free and membership is required.