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Doodles AcademyDoodles Academy is a website offering six online art projects suitable for Primary aged children. It offers enough to last for one whole year’s art lessons!

There is also a really good introductory video explaining how it all works!

Units Available

Unit 1: Copying Linear

  • Superheroes
  • The Secret Language of Objects

Unit 2: Complex Line

  • Masks
  • Symbol & Self

Unit 3: Observation Drawing

  • A Toy’s Story
  • Dream House

Unit 4: Texture

  • Totem Animal
  • Create-a-Creature

Unit 5: Colour

  • Near & Far
  • Around the Neighbourhood

Unit 6: Composition

  • Enchanted Lands
  • Close Encounters


The Story of Doodle Academy:Founder Tempest NeuCollins received an MFA from the School of Visual Arts in New York City. Through her varied teaching experience in private classes and charter school classrooms, she became frustrated that so much art education is incredibly costly and inefficient or overcrowded with little opportunity for differentiation. She became determined to find a way to offer an affordable, open-ended curriculum that would bring art education to more students.

Doodles offers teacher and children a high-quality art curriculum, it is free and available anywhere. It contains a whole set of lesson plans for the six units of work. The units are written for two different levels so that each of the disciplines has a higher and lower level exercise.”  (Doodle Academy)

The Masks Project – Synopsis

In this project, student artists look at different examples of masks. They choose and trace mask elements from photos, then combine these elements to create a mask of their own that represents a ritual (public or private) in which they regularly take part. They then convert their drawing into a 3-D model using plaster strips, and finish with paint and decorations.”  (Doodle Academy)

The above Masks Project has a downloadable lesson plan ready to for you to print off and try.

The site looks really useful and well worth investigating!