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D&T - Design and Technology This is a whole set of D&T web links, collated to provide easy access to games and many other resources. They are for assisting teachers in their planning and also for supporting children in their learning, either at home or in the classroom. If you have some great links that you would like to see on this page please send them to us for inclusion!

Nuffield D&T – There are many projects offered on this site, all linked to the National Curriculum requirements.

Teaching Ideas – This is a site with many ideas to implement in the classroom, ideas such as design a dog, and make a kite are included here.

Science Kids – Design a parachute and make balloon speakers incorporating both science and D&T.

iChild Design and Technology Activities for ChildrenIn this Design and Technology section we have various activities for children to enjoy making things and understanding how things work. Activities in this section include Mechanisms, Wheels, Inventions and Structures.

PBS Kids Design Squad – Offers balloon cars, air cannons and a confetti launcher among many other things –  sounds like a fun way to make a mess!

BP Primary Resources – Includes many design projects – design a guitar, a tower, a car park barrier and more!

Primary Resources – A collection of plans made and shared by teachers.

The National Stem Centre – Offers lots of fun experiments – how will your beast open its mouth, or how fast will your buggy be?

How stuff works – This is more suited to older children and far broader than technology but has some very useful bits for upper juniors.

Food Forum – Lots of information about food technology.