Our curriculum services to schools

123ICT offer a comprehensive range of services to support the delivery of the computing curriculum. These include the termly computing competitions we run for schools and our popular curriculum blog for teachers.

The following collection of curriculum services are designed by 123ICT to support teachers in the classroom:

123SOW is our scheme of work for the primary Computing curriculum.

It is designed to challenge teachers and pupils to learn new, engaging computing skills and is entirely cloud based with video tutorials.  

Our challenges cover the whole primary computing curriculum and our drag and drop planner includes a coverage checker.

123HUB is our FREE resource bank for primary school teachers.

It is designed to assist teachers in finding good quality online resources and each month we create a featured resource pack

There are over 2000 recommended website links which have been hand-vetted by experienced primary school teachers.

Our 123SAFE service provides online safety advice and training.

It is designed to keep pupils safe and teaching staff up to date with the latest information, advice and the teaching resources

All our workshops and staff meetings use material that is CEOP approved and available via our 123SOW and 123HUB platforms. 


All 123ICT consultants are certified Google Level 1 Educators, with many staff holding the Level 2 qualification. In addition, our team includes Google for Education Trainers that can help your teaching staff engage with cloud computing through dedicated lessons or cross-curricular teaching sessions.

123ICT also employs specialist computing teachers who deliver regular classroom teaching as part of our contract with schools and academies. This can be arranged as weekly PPA cover or as classroom sessions alongside teachers as part of their CPD. 

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West African Songs and Chants

West African Songs and Chants from Folk Ways at the Smithsonian is actually a short scheme of work on African music for children. There are a few bits to listen to and some to try out. All of the music referred to is provided on that page so even just listening to the...

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UK Parliament Week 2020

UK Parliament Week 2020 is an opportunity for primary aged children to start to get an idea of what parliament is and what it does.   It is being held between 1 - 7 November 2020; however, you can take part in any of the activities, at any time. “UK Parliament Week is...

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African Art Projects for Children

African Art Projects for Children is a set of craft and art ideas related to the topic of Africa! There are many mask making projects but a few other lovely ones too: One of my favourites is the Kente Cloth marker project from Crayola. This project is part of a study...

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10 African Craft Ideas

10 African Craft Ideas have been collected and presented by Artsy Craftsy Mum. There are some lovely projects here to explore. Firstly, she introduces making a painted African house, this is shared on a website called Krokotak. If all the children make one you could...

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African Animals

African animals are a huge reason for so many people visiting the continent; there are animals there which live nowhere else in the world. Children already know the names of many of the animals: zebra, elephant, hippo and giraffe; but, learning a little about the...

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African Masks

African masks are an important part of African culture and art. They are often used by dancers and storytellers, at various festivals and tribal ceremonies. They are individual, and hand crafted, and all represent something original. Many are sacred objects and...

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Introducing Africa

This post, 'Introducing Africa', lists a small collection of websites intended to introduce children to the continent of Africa. The sites are mostly sets of interesting facts which may help children start to get a general idea of the scope of the continent. The Kids...

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Life for African Kids

Life for African Kids is a BBC Newsround project available on the web. It was developed in 2003 so is slightly out of date but it does give a good picture of what life in modern Africa is like. It is likely to really surprise the children learning about it. If they...

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WorldStories is a website created by KIDsOut. It has free storybooks for children in a large number of the languages (currently 31 different languages), spoken by children in the UK. It is a set of interactive, illustrated stories shared in many different languages....

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Summer Activities from World Book Day

Summer Activities from World Book Day provide a treasure trove of activities, including: cooking ideas, extracts from books and more. Their YouTube channel also has lovely video stories for under fives, featured in the Big Little Book Corner section. In the World of...

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