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Our curriculum services to schools

123ICT offer a comprehensive range of services to support the delivery of the computing curriculum. These include the termly computing competitions we run for schools and our popular curriculum blog for teachers.

The following collection of curriculum services are designed by 123ICT to support teachers in the classroom:

123SOW is our scheme of work for the primary Computing curriculum.

It is designed to challenge teachers and pupils to learn new, engaging computing skills and is entirely cloud based with video tutorials.  

Our challenges cover the whole primary computing curriculum and our drag and drop planner includes a coverage checker.

123HUB is our FREE resource bank for primary school teachers.

It is designed to assist teachers in finding good quality online resources and each month we create a featured resource pack

There are over 2000 recommended website links which have been hand-vetted by experienced primary school teachers.

Our 123SAFE service provides online safety advice and training.

It is designed to keep pupils safe and teaching staff up to date with the latest information, advice and the teaching resources

All our workshops and staff meetings use material that is CEOP approved and available via our 123SOW and 123HUB platforms. 


All 123ICT consultants are certified Google Level 1 Educators, with many staff holding the Level 2 qualification. In addition, our team includes Google for Education Trainers that can help your teaching staff engage with cloud computing through dedicated lessons or cross-curricular teaching sessions.

123ICT also employs specialist computing teachers who deliver regular classroom teaching as part of our contract with schools and academies. This can be arranged as weekly PPA cover or as classroom sessions alongside teachers as part of their CPD. 

123ICT Online Safety Rules Poster Competition

Our First Great New-Style Competition!   Our first exciting competition of this year is to create an Online Safety Rules Poster for Classroom Display. We think that this challenge will provide a great start to the the new computing competition year; it will...

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Kids Fight Plastic

Kids Fight Plastic is a new book  published and sold by Walker Books.  It aims to teach children how to become a “#2minutesuperhero.” To achieve that status, they have to complete 50 missions to fight plastic at home, in school or on days out. I can imagine it...

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Studying Matisse

Studying Matisse, even for the youngest children offers a great opportunity to learn how to use scissors and bright colours, whilst making collages. The Snail has been replicated many thousands of times in infant classrooms; though I have to admit, I never knew there...

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Is Seeing Believing?

'Is Seeing Believing?' is the title of a new lesson shared by Common Sense Media: "The web is full of photos, and even videos, that are digitally altered. And it's often hard to tell the difference between what's real and what's fake. Help your students ask critical...

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Studying Picasso

Studying Picasso gives children an introduction to cubism and offers fun with abstract drawing and painting. Tate Kids has an introduction to the works of Pablo Picasso, taking a look at three different images. Ducksters offers a short biography, assigning his art...

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123ICT Competitions for 2019-20

  Exciting news about our new-style competitions and our latest offering for all 123ICT competition followers!   As you know, 123ICT have for a number of years provided many stimulating and interesting computing challenges for our schools, in the form of our...

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Studying Piet Mondrian

Studying Piet Mondrian is probably best started at Tate Kids: “Piet Mondrian is a Dutch artist best known for his abstract paintings. Art that is abstract does not show things that are recognisable such as people, objects or landscapes. Instead artists use colours,...

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Teaching Media Literacy

Teaching media literacy is becoming more important by the day. We live in a world of Fake news, fake social media, review sites with fake reviews, false websites offering wonderfully impossible free iphones, tablets, Xboxes, etc. This all forms part of today’s rich...

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123HUB News – September 2019

Welcome to the 123HUB News for September 2019!   Welcome back to the new term and the new academic year!  Hopefully, everyone is rested, having had a great summer break. As we all know, schools can be really busy places with very little time to spare! Teachers,...

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Studying Paul Klee

Studying Paul Klee will give many a budding but very young artist hope! Many of his works are positively childlike and certainly many children will enjoy looking at his work and also trying his ideas out. Art Projects for Kids has four ideas to use in school. There is...

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