Our curriculum services to schools

123ICT offer a comprehensive range of services to support the delivery of the computing curriculum. These include the termly computing competitions we run for schools and our popular curriculum blog for teachers.

The following collection of curriculum services are designed by 123ICT to support teachers in the classroom:

123SOW is our scheme of work for the primary Computing curriculum.

It is designed to challenge teachers and pupils to learn new, engaging computing skills and is entirely cloud based with video tutorials.  

Our challenges cover the whole primary computing curriculum and our drag and drop planner includes a coverage checker.

123HUB is our FREE resource bank for primary school teachers.

It is designed to assist teachers in finding good quality online resources and each month we create a featured resource pack

There are over 2000 recommended website links which have been hand-vetted by experienced primary school teachers.

Our 123SAFE service provides online safety advice and training.

It is designed to keep pupils safe and teaching staff up to date with the latest information, advice and the teaching resources

All our workshops and staff meetings use material that is CEOP approved and available via our 123SOW and 123HUB platforms. 


All 123ICT consultants are certified Google Level 1 Educators, with many staff holding the Level 2 qualification. In addition, our team includes Google for Education Trainers that can help your teaching staff engage with cloud computing through dedicated lessons or cross-curricular teaching sessions.

123ICT also employs specialist computing teachers who deliver regular classroom teaching as part of our contract with schools and academies. This can be arranged as weekly PPA cover or as classroom sessions alongside teachers as part of their CPD. 

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Kidadl Lockdown

Kidadl Lockdown  website informs: “We might be locked down, but we’ve got the key to spending time at home over the next few weeks. There are loads of free activities for the whole family to get involved in, from STEM experiments and kid-friendly workouts to...

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Make Interactive Games

Make Interactive Games with Koji, a free platform that allows users to create amazing interactive games without needing to write any code. Each completed game is allocated a link which users can share with their friends. There are many templates to start users off....

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The Great Indoors

The Great Indoors  - Bear Grylls Survival is a website where he shares 100 'indoor survival challenges' for kids under isolation. They comprise of a whole set of activities ranging from: “ boosting communication skills to problem-solving and include challenges such as...

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123HUB News – April 2020

  Welcome to the 123HUB News for April 2020!   April is just around the corner and what challenging times we find ourselves living in. Teachers and at the moment parents, why not let the 123HUB save you some of your valuable time and help you find the right...

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Purple Mash Update

Purple Mash Update: Just in case there are readers here who did not get the messages from Purple Mash, here is the latest e-mail: "We'd like to send a thank you and well done to all of you teachers and parents adjusting to home learning. We think you're all doing an...

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Craft Ideas for the Stay at Home Period

Craft ideas for the stay at home period offers so much more than what parents often think of as home schooling. Cooking, sewing, making, mending, etc are all valuable to children's development and much closer to the heart of many adults than trying to teach Maths or...

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Cooking with Children

Cooking with children is a great way to use practical maths, discuss hygiene and have some extra curricular fun together. Helping to prepare the family meal will also be useful for their development. There are lots of extra simple recipes,  some very easy cakes and...

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Keeping Healthy at Home

Keeping healthy at home is not as easy as one would like it to be, especially in a smallish house with one child on their own! Groups of children tend to play and be fairly physically active where one alone may find it much more difficult to play in the same way. The...

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Non-Curricular At-Home Entertainment

Non-curricular at-home entertainment items for use with our children may prove useful this week. This listing is for parents, rather than teachers! I will try to find more categories and sites  for the coming weeks:   Wild Life Cameras Rosie’s Pen “ Welcome to...

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