Our curriculum services to schools

123ICT offer a comprehensive range of services to support the delivery of the computing curriculum. These include the termly computing competitions we run for schools and our popular curriculum blog for teachers.

The following collection of curriculum services are designed by 123ICT to support teachers in the classroom:

123SOW is our scheme of work for the primary Computing curriculum.

It is designed to challenge teachers and pupils to learn new, engaging computing skills and is entirely cloud based with video tutorials.  

Our challenges cover the whole primary computing curriculum and our drag and drop planner includes a coverage checker.

123HUB is our FREE resource bank for primary school teachers.

It is designed to assist teachers in finding good quality online resources and each month we create a featured resource pack

There are over 2000 recommended website links which have been hand-vetted by experienced primary school teachers.

Our 123SAFE service provides online safety advice and training.

It is designed to keep pupils safe and teaching staff up to date with the latest information, advice and the teaching resources

All our workshops and staff meetings use material that is CEOP approved and available via our 123SOW and 123HUB platforms. 


All 123ICT consultants are certified Google Level 1 Educators, with many staff holding the Level 2 qualification. In addition, our team includes Google for Education Trainers that can help your teaching staff engage with cloud computing through dedicated lessons or cross-curricular teaching sessions.

123ICT also employs specialist computing teachers who deliver regular classroom teaching as part of our contract with schools and academies. This can be arranged as weekly PPA cover or as classroom sessions alongside teachers as part of their CPD. 

123ICT Competitions – COVID-19 Computing at Home Projects

We are delighted to introduce the 123ICT Competitions - COVID-19 Computing at Home Projects for KS1 and KS2 children. We have created these projects as we felt that - with the necessary suspension of our popular computing competitions, which are usually promoted in...

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Recycle-More is a one-stop recycling information website, created by Valpak Limited.  There is a big section of ideas - some new and some old - for schools to consider under the three headings: What can I do? Project Ideas School Activities What can I do aims to get...

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Rubbish Monster

Rubbish Monster is a PDF booklet supplied by eco-schoolsni.org.  The booklet covers eight main themes, designed to help make a school an Eco School. "The aim of the eight activities outlined in this resource is to help pupils discover what waste is and what happens to...

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Kids Against Plastic

Kids Against Plastic is a website offering lesson guides and resources that will help teachers embed learning about pollution, caused by plastic, into the  curriculum.  There are already lots of resources on the site, but their easy download packs are marked as...

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Historical Heroes, or Villains?

Who were heroes and who were villains in history is a very interesting discussion to have with children, some of whom may already have a job deciding what is fact and what is fiction. Robin Hood, a hero to many, or villain to some, is a character definitely worthy of...

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Brave Animal Hero Stories

Brave animal hero stories could be used in a great self-study project, linked to any topic about heroes and villains. Children could find two or three stories they liked and make their own tiny book. This may even be a short project for the slightly older children,...

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Famous People from History

Famous People from History is compiled from a set of radio broadcasts and class video clips from BBC Teach. The stories are told in the first person and the radio dramas really bring the story of the famous person to life. The transcripts are attractive - they could...

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Making Tiny Books

Making tiny books was an absolute favourite in my classes when I was teaching, especially for use in mini topics, self-study topics, or writing and illustrating the children’s own stories. There were two sorts that we regularly made: one, a tiny book from one sheet of...

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TypingClub – Free and School Edition

TypingClub free, or the School Edition, may be a very good resource to use during Lockdown. It could enable everyone, regardless of age, to improve their typing skills. It has both a free and pro version. On sign up, one can choose a free 60-day trial, which may well...

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HeadStart Primary Booklets

HeadStart Primary Booklets are sets of English and Maths primary resources that are completely free for parents during Lockdown. All parents need to do is sign up an email account and they are directed to a download page where they can download as many booklets as...

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Superheroes and Villains

Superheroes and Villains can be fun for writing activities and children really enjoy the discussing the character's super-powers. These sites were not what I was looking for - I was actually searching for good resources for real life heroes and villains that are...

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