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In our multi-cultural society, teaching about world religions, festivals and celebrationshis helps children to develop a knowledge, understanding and tolerance of the world around them.

To assist in your lesson planning we have provided a list of useful website links related to Christianity:

Christianity for Children

The Church of England – this website explains about being a  Christian and the role of the Church. There is a good section on baptism and the symbols surrounding the service.

BBC for Schools – Christianity – a great collection of resources for teachers

Colourful Church Year – this site shows how the colours in churches change throughout the year and explains the vestments worn by priests.

Harvest Festival – The Facts, Customs and Traditions  – why and how we celebrate Harvest Festivals in the UK.

The Ten Commandments  includes an activity for children to try.

The Easter Story – Written specifically for children, this begins with the journey of Jesus into Jerusalem and ends with His ascension into Heaven.

Online Bible – A searchable Bible.

Wedding Service – an interactive site with activities and information about Christian weddings.

Easter  – TopMarks Easter pages to help pupils discover the facts and customs surrounding the festival.

Holy Communion 

Dottie and Buzz – this explores the four key RE strands with a focus on Christianity: Belonging, Baptism, Forgiving and Creation.

Dottie and Buzz – Baptism

Cumbria and Lancashire RE resources on-line

Primary Resources for Christianity

REonline  A powerful searchable index of RE resources that puts you in touch with excellent learning resources related to six major world faiths.

Teddy’s Day Out  A  game to help young children learn the signs and symbols connected with six major world faiths.

Holy Days and Festivals This multifaith calendar by the BBC shows religious festivals and celebrations from eight world faiths.

Patron Saints

  St. David, the patron saint of Wales, special day March 1st

Celebrating St George    St George, Patron Saint of England, special day April 23rd

Celebrating St Patrick  St Patrick Patron Saint of Ireland, special day March 17th

Celebrating St Andrew  St Andrew Patron Saint of Scotland, special day November 1st


Creation Stories

Creation – A beautiful, animated creation story as told in the Bible. Suitable for use on an interactive whiteboard.

A little book on the creation and sequencing cards

The book of Genesis  written for children

Dottie and Buzz – Creation

The creation story – simple language, with “memory pegs”