CASS: Creating a Safe School

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CASS: Creating a Safe School The Ophelia Project is an organisation that is trying to help schools address bullying and relational aggression.

Their mission statement claims that:  “Our mission is to empower all members of a community to recognize and address relational aggression through systemic change in the social culture.”

The Ophelia Project shares resources utilizing their Creating a Safe School (CASS) initiative.

CASS: Creating a Safe School is a multifaceted change process that brings together a community of caring adults (administrators, teachers, staff, parents) with students to work together to change the social culture in a school or school district. Its primary goal is to positively impact the social norms in a school community by recognizing and addressing the hurtful, covert behaviors of peer aggression and identifying, teaching and modeling a more positive set of normative behaviors for educators, students and parents.” (CASS)

Creating a Safe School Resources

This project was developed for the primary school age range.

Creating a Safe School shares resources for use in schools for teachers themselves and for teachers to share in their classrooms. There are support materials for discussing social interactions, peer relationships, aggression, bullying, and so on,  Citizenship lessons may provide opportunities to employ some of the shared resources.

 This publication may prove to be a very useful resource for teachers.

 There is also a free booklet that lays out the whole CASS concept, it has lots of useful ideas for introducing topics of aggression and bullying and ideas for how to tackle these issues.

For primary aged learners, there are also programs set up to cover various aspects of social life, including:

  • Relational Aggression (Girls)
  • Relational Aggression (Boys)
  • Learning from True Stories
  • Cyberbullying
  • After school Club 1 – 5
  • 2-3 Friendship Unit
  • 4-5 Friendship Unit


CASS: Creating a Safe School