How about Bringing Your Own Device to School (BYOD)

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Mlearning deviceBYOD or Bring Your Own Device is being talked about regularly now in many schools. Often our pupils have better resources at home than we have in school and after Christmas there will be a new range of tablets and handheld games consols in the hands of pupils.

It is crucial that you have an adequate wifi system and secure systems in place if you want to try making use of them in your school and the following guide is a really useful starting point to work out how to approach the issue.

The guide examines the use of BOYD models in schools. It looks at the potential opportunities and benefits, as well as the considerations, risks and implications that arise when schools allow students and staff to use personally owned devices in the classroom and school environments. Strategies, tips and techniques are included to address the considerations and manage the risks.

There is a blog post on Tips, Tools and Technology for Educators which highlights both the advantages and disadvantages of BYOD and

give some idea of what is happening in the States.

The Innovative Educator offers thoughts and ideas on the policies needed and Naace has started a general discussion.

There are several white papers on this subject: Microsoft and

are two, but obviously these are biased towards what they are selling! If you are interested in going down this route survey your pupils to see what devices they have and talk to 123ICT!

If you are really interested to see how motivated children are by tablet devices, then read this news article about children in Ethiopia … it is quite an eye opener!