BBC Class Clips Based on Art and Design

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BBC Class ClipsThe TES have a whole set of BBC Class Clips based on Art and Design. There are  more than 9000 video clips from the BBC Learning Zone and many of them are freely available as well as being ideal for use in the primary school. The BBC Class Clips can be filtered according to age and have a description available along with the length after each one. I have selected a few just to give an idea of what is available:

Artists and Ideas: Sketchbooks and Journals

“Sketchbooks are used on location or in the studio to explore new ideas, or are revisited by the artists for inspiration. Artists explain the many ways sketchbooks can be used as a personal space for thinking, researching and recording observations. Their value as source material or as art objects in themselves is emphasised by several of the artists featured. Duration: 04:33″(BBC)

It is very hard to get children used to the idea of using a scrapbook to keep art ideas, designs, images etc; however, in this video, several artists show their sketchbooks and talk about why they use them.

How to Print Your Own Wrapping Paper

 BBC Class Clips

“Oliver shows how he prints his own wrapping paper using flower designs drawn into polystyrene tile blocks. He marks up the tiles to print them edge to edge, and uses rollers to ink the tiles. Duration: 02:43”(BBC)

This video is a step by step tutorial of how to do the printing by a very young man.

Andy Goldsworthy – Art in a Natural Environment

“Artist Andy Goldsworthy talks about and demonstrates creating artwork in a natural landscape using natural materials. Working on site in a quarry, Goldsworthy makes an abstract drawing on slate and shows how a ‘dry shadow’ can be made on stone during wet weather. He explores the temporary nature of some landscape artwork and the effects which can be produced there. Duration: 04:25”(BBC)

This is a lovely video with Andy Goldsworthy talking about how he creates his natural sculptures with slate. The video shows him at work and talking about what he is doing whilst making a rain shadow which young children will love!

Making a Paper Collage

“A simple way to make an artistic collage using printed black and white pictures. The finished collage is further enhanced by adding painted text. It also shows collages made by famous artists. Created especially for Class Clips from the CBBC series I Want My Own Room, first broadcast in October 2011. Duration: 03:09 “(BBC)

This is an inspirational video which should encourage children to think about enhancing their collages with extras. It would be a great introduction to a lesson about collage.