Amazing Shape Puzzle (Deluxe)

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Amazing Shape Puzzle (Deluxe)Amazing Shape Puzzle (Deluxe) is a free iPad app designed to help young children learn about shapes. There are a total of  427 cute individual puzzles with funny sounds and Word Learning!  They are not all free but many are and there are certainly enough games and puzzles to try out.

The amazing shape puzzle game is a fun and engaging app to involve learners in learning the properties of shape through puzzles and some simple words. There are 16 free scenes in the free version of the game and it is a very good introduction to what the app can offer before teachers make a decision about whether to purchase it or not.  There are 42 noun scenes – 12 Animal,  4 Food, 9 Life, 9 Map, 4 Festival, 4 Others, 9 Verb Scenes and 8 Adjective scenes.

From the site:
“It will keep your kids educationally entertained, all the while developing their concentration, memory, and cognitive skills, and teaching them what sounds objects make.”

Amazing Shape Puzzle (Deluxe)

I played several of the vehicle games; firstly, they give you a picture of all the vehicles in situation and as you choose one, it is like a jig-saw – children have to drag the right piece to the right place. When in place,  it gives the word, spoken and written, along with a sound file. If not used in school, it may be a good app to share with parents.

The Amazing Shape Puzzle was designed to be easy to use; there are no difficult menus or complex options which children have to overcome.  It is funny and motivating and a great addition to the EYFS maths curriculum and for using an iPad in the classroom.