Adding Questions to Videos

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eduCanon2Adding questions to videos is a very powerful way of getting learners to engage with a video text. There are so many wonderful educational videos available for all aspects of the curriculum it is useful to be able to ask the children to watch one, and answer questions as they watch – making them take in far more than a quick skim through would. With the correct application, this is very easy to do in the classroom, and , if they have a mobile device or a computer available at home, for homework. Here are two websites, both with apps, that can help you to do this.

EduCanon Adding Voice Overs to Videos

Educanon is an app which allows teachers to add questions to you tube videos. Teachers log into the website to create the questions. It can then be accessed from apps on mobile devices around the classroom.

A teacher can crop a video, if they wish, to shorten it and there are different sorts of questions that can be asked such as: multiple choice,  yes/no,  fill in the blank, free response or check all that apply.

Once the video is finished, it can be added to lessons designed for up to 8 classes. You can also print out a worksheet with your questions on it!

Video Tutorial:

EDpuzzle Adding Questions and Voice Overs to Videos

EDpuzzle is very similar to eduCanon, another great video resource!

You can view a video, with questions, that is already created by making a free account, logging in and writing in aQ6j8Z.

In EDpuzzle, you can also add a voice over, making the content specific to the class.

Here is a blog post from someone who has just started using EDpuzzle