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News from DK FindoutNews from DK Findout, a website recommended several times previously for curricular resources closed on 31st December 2023 and all of the learning resources have been moved to learning.dk.comTeachers need to register for a free account on learning.dk.com to access these migrated resourcesand more!

“We know our website is loved by educators around the world and we remain fully committed to supporting you in the classroom. The majority of the content previously available, including lesson plans, videos, and activities, can now be found on learning.dk.com, our educator-dedicated website featuring hundreds of books and free downloadable classroom resources all organised by grade or level, subject, and topic.”

The books are obviously for sale but the lesson plans are freely downloadable, if you have any DK books on your chosen topics then the lesson plans and activity sheets may prove to be very useful time savers.

“DK Learning’s free lesson plans are curriculum aligned resources that offer visual and engaging content at your fingertips.

DK Learning offer teaching plans for Early Years, Key Stage 1 and 2…

Save time on your lesson planning with our clearly structured templates which include:

  • group and individual classroom activities
  • concept checking questions
  • web-based research activities
  • homework ideas
  • ideas for extension
  • how to deal with fast finishers”

This news from DK Findout was shared in an email just before Christmas but schools were already closed for the holiday.News from DK Findout