17 Harvest Festival Activities for Kids17 Harvest Festival Activities for Kids shared ideas for the celebration which takes place very soon now, near the start of the autumn term. The celebration of harvest time was originally a pagan festival but has been incorporated into most religions and cultures. Originally it was a celebration to give thanks for a good harvest. The festivities usually included feasts, drinking, dancing, and a lot of fun activities!

Nowadays, the Harvest Festival is celebrated in schools and churches by collecting food to distribute to needy people – as well as with celebrations, concerts, parties, and meals.

E-Parenting has gathered together lots of ideas, from around the web, of Harvest arts and crafts:

17 Harvest Festival Activities for Kids

  • Decorating the house or classroom is a big part of a Harvest Festival celebration, so here are lots of cool Harvest Festival-themed crafts, games, and activities including colouring pages and puzzles.
  • Lolly Stick Scarecrow – a traditional symbol of Harvest, as it helps keep the crops from being eaten!
  • Draw A Scarecrow With A Pumpkin Head – a drawing tutorial teaches children How to Draw Scarecrows with Pumpkin Heads.
  • Make A Full-Sized Scarecrow – If you are feeling really adventurous there are instructions for making a full-sized scarecrow using straw and old clothes.
  • Leaf Painting Group Project – Make some big art with this brilliant idea for leaf painting. Perfect for a group project at school, ideal for the younger children.
  • Autumn Leaves Windcatcher – This is a lovely idea for a decoration that children would enjoy making and keeping.
    The one describes uses leaves, these could be real ones, painted ones on paper, and cut out or cut out of fabrics.
  • Sweetcorn Collage – a simple and easy harvest festival craft for younger children.
    This corn cob is a quick and easy craft for younger kids.
  • Scribble Lantern Tutorial – This idea could be adapted to any season – including Halloween or Christmas.
  • Harvest Festival Banner Ideas – Harvest Festival Banners with corn motifs are shared on this site.
  • Autumn Leaf Print Crafts – making leaf crowns and books
  • Corn Dollies – Corn Dollies are a traditional decoration at Harvest time. Here’s how to make them.
  • Harvest Festival Sensory Bins
  • Corn Shaker Instrument – fun homemade musical instruments.
  • Harvest Festival Printables – Harvest Festival Printables
  • Also, there are Harvest Festival colouring pictures, A Harvest Festival Wordsearch, and a poster.
    Stretch your brain with this Harvest Festival Wordsearch.

Some of the ideas, like the corn maracas, would be better done with dried peas or similar in this country, but it is just a set of ideas to choose from or adapt if there is anything new on offer.

17 Harvest Festival Activities for Kids