From Kitchen to ClassroomThe From Kitchen to Classroom range of resources from the Royal Society of Chemistry is designed for young learners to understand key scientific skills by providing teachers with easy-to-demonstrate experiments. Many teachers are trying to include more cooking type of activities into the curriculum and these scientific experiments are a great way to do that!

The activities need some basic kitchen equipment and supermarket ingredients, and experiments cover a range of topics from the primary science curriculum. Each one comes with step-by-step instructions, teacher notes, and handouts.

Each activity has instructions, a video, teacher notes, and clear guidelines for the lesson.

The activities are:

1. Introduction
2.  Separation techniques
3.  Red cabbage rainbows
4.  Making bath bombs
5.  How to make butter
6.  Tricking taste buds with toothpaste
7.  Kitchen roll chromatography
8.  Investigating surface tension with milk
9.  Chalky spinach
10.  How to purify water

During the activities, children will:

  • Practise separation techniques
  • Create red cabbage rainbows
  • Make bath bombs
  • Explore dilution and concentration with smartphone spectroscopy
  • Try the bitter orange experiment
  • Learn how to make butter
  • Try kitchen roll chromatography
  • Investigate tie-dye milk
  • Learn a technique for surviving in space
  • Find out why eating raw spinach makes your mouth feel chalky

The From Kitchen to Classroom range of resources looks like scientific fun for all!

From Kitchen to Classroom